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Rap de T.I. en el remix de “I’ll be loving you long time”

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A continuación, os dejamos la parte que canta T.I. en el remix de “I’ll be loving you long time”:

Show you I care I tried just ’cause
Take care of solitaires I buy just ’cause
I just love, you in the nude, in the bed in the pool and your legs when you move.
All your booty and your cutie and the sexy way you do it make me wanna buy all the you desire times two.
Like the biggest Louis bags, the Bentley and newest jags and the huge pad and make you laugh when you be mad.
Just invite your friends over for dinner and you can brag, Chanel and Tiffany this, Versace and Gucci that.
Lifestyle like that if you leave you’ll be back
erway you could go they eitha broke or pretty wake
plus y’aint gotta ask where my heart really at but you wanna waste time with one of dem silly cats
Gon’ be my guest tho’ I dont suggest
It’s just so hard to get love like this

Fuente: Mariah Connection España

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