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Reviews: Mariah Carey ft Miguel – #Beautiful

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Here is what the press are saying about Mariah Carey’s latest track:

Cosmopolitan: After hearing her new song “Beautiful,” we’re glad to announce that not only is she back but she’s giving us a new sound that we love. Luckily, Mariah didn’t stick with a hyper-pop sound or go the auto tune route like we feared. The song is very intimate and vintage-inspired, with a guitar crooning the beginning of the track before MC and Miguel steal our hearts with a perfect harmony of the song’s title.

About: The warmth and intimacy of “#Beautiful” will make you want to hear it again and again. This is the best Mariah Carey record in years, possibly since the days of The Emancipation Of Mimi. Look for R&B hit status to be assured, and a run for Mariah Carey’s 19th #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit is not out of the question. Meanwhile, settle in and listen to one of the best singles of the year. This recording is indeed “#Beautiful.” Rating: 5 Stars

MTV Buzzworthy: Set to a retro-tinged, guitar-driven track, “#Beautiful” features Miguel’s soothing R&B pipes and Mariah’s 1991-sounding ethereal vocals. Miguel opens the track, boldly crooning: “Hop on the back of my bike/ Let the good wind blow through your hair/ With an ass like that/ And a smile so bright/ Oh, you’re killing me/ You know it ain’t fair.” Mariah pops up later to chant the song’s hook, echoing Miguel’s sentiments, only this time with a bit less emphasis on the badunk: “Oh, you’re beautiful/ And your mind is f—–g beautiful/ And I can’t pretend that/ That doesn’t mean a thing to me.” Wanna know what else we think is beautiful? Aside from Miguel and Mariah’s faces AND the Cinderella-themed gown Mariah wore to renew her vows in Disneyland?? THIS SONG! Keep up the good work, Mariah!

The Examiner: Over lofty guitar chords and retro production, the two singer-songwriters trade verses about being madly in love with each other. Carey has always collaborated with the artists of the moment throughout her career and she could not have been more right to work with Miguel. Kudos to Mariah for skirting past the top 40 electropop sound currently dominating U.S. radio.

Pop Crush: The song is stripped down pop — there’s no heavy duty production, no vocal editing, no post-recorded sheen. The vocals, melodies and harmonies shine, as well they should, seeing as one of the best singers to ever live and one of the best singers in the current game are teaming up. Carey is back to her best form: Radio-ready pop that still has the R&B flavor she enjoys dipping into so much (and sometimes too much, based on sales). With its combination of edgy lyrics and a traditional sound, ‘Beautiful’ is just that: Beautiful. Rating: 4 Stars

The Los Angeles Times: Mariah and Miguel have now answered, and I’m struggling to adjust Monday to the reality that “#Beautiful” just may be said jam of the summer. Despite the hashtag, and the wariness, “#Beautiful” is as close to a perfect pop song as has been released in 2013. Produced by Miguel and Carey, the track is gritty and vital, filled with a crawling, dirty bass line, a seductive, immediately embeddable guitar melody and just enough tambourine to get the engine running. The song ends at the exact moment it should. No fat: 3 minutes 22 seconds, closing with a rush of layered voices that drift through the ears like a breeze, fading away as though Miguel and Carey have just squeezed the throttle and left the rest of us behind.

Latina Magazine: The song feels very Motown to us, and we can’t help but be enamored by how rich both Carey and Miguel’s voices sound intertwined.

TooFab: Mariah Carey’s “Beautiful” is Actually a Complete and Utter Success. Is it a safe bet to make that Mariah might be now reaching her pinnacle for this decade? Maybe so, friends. Maybe so.

The Latin Times: The lead-off single for the singer’s upcoming new album is actually beautiful.

VH1: It’s not your typical Mariah fare, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love it. You normally don’t see Mariah’s legendary 5-octave range paired up alongside a guitar lick that sounds straight out of a doo wop song from the 1950s, and you NEVER see her ceding the first 90 seconds of a duet track to another artist, but in the case of “Beautiful,” it totally works.

Vulture: Well, this is a game-changer: Not only is Miguel and Mariah Carey’s duet very good — in both a vintage Mariah and a legitimately summery sort of way — but it has an actual hashtag in the title. (Yes, Will.I.Am did it first, but did you really care?) True fact: The only thing cooler than mysterious French guys in shiny helmets is enjoyable music with built-in Twitter jokes. So here is “#Beautiful,” your newest Song of Summer contender and the reason your aunt will be calling in three weeks to ask about hashtags.

Hit Fix: it’s a pop song, and sweetly so, as Carey flaunts her heart-warming ability to blend with Miguel’s creamy tenor in a duet and take the spotlight with gusto when it’s her turn. It’s a sparkling reminder of what she does, and what she does best. The keyboards’ countermelody reminds me of OneRepublic’s “Feel Again” while summer-fun beat is sanded down to muffled low-end to clear space for Carey and Miguel’s ageless voices to have their day in the sun. Carey applies her trademark high octave in unison in her first solo phrase, and there’s a brightness as her voice combines with his. It’s like she was smiling — or told to smile — when she hit the mic. It works, and may become a pleasant addition into the 2013 summer jam rotation, if it works out. Rating: A-

Billboard: Carey returns to classic soul alongside the 27-year-old throwback crooner, who kicks off the track with lines like “Hop on the back of my bike, let the cool wind blow through your hair.” The creeping guitar line, crackling percussion and simple, gooey center all scream ‘Motown,’ and Carey has smartly teamed with another vocalist who can effectively synthesize that frozen-in-time sound.

MTV News: The new track, the lead single off Carey’s 2013 album release, debuted on Monday (May 6), and it seamlessly combines her signature vocals with Miguel’s groovy, sexy R&B style. It kicks off with a sultry guitar riff and some tambourine and from there it sears, with a beat that sounds like it was lifted off a Motown track.

Perez Hilton: After taking a good, long listen, we totally think the track is JUST as pleasing as its title suggests! Open you ears to all things #Beautiful! Oh man, what a seductive number! This is definitely a song that make us wanna get SEXY LOLz!

Just Press Play: “Beautiful’s” sound brings us back to the original Mariah days (circa “Always Be My Baby,” etc.). The track opens with a single guitar melody before a simple drum beat pairs with it and Miguel takes on the first verse. Carey comes in taking the lead on verse two. The song is very R&B/pop and radio friendly and extremely stripped down, with hardly any heavy productions or vocal editing like we see today in so much music. The track solely focuses on the vocals and melody, as well as the amazing harmonies between Carey and Miguel.

Spin Magazine: With its windows-down guitar riff and glistening production, it stems directly from tracks like “Do You…” and “The Thrill” from Miguel’s 2012 album Kaleidoscope Dream (SPIN’s #5 album of last year), but with a verse-chorus fluidity and breezy hook that should push it up the pop charts. At just three minutes and 22 seconds, “Beautiful” is what summer is made of.

Slate Magazine: “#Beautiful” is a wonderfully easy listen, with the duo’s voices blending smoothly together, accompanied by lush, almost Wall-of-Sound production. It’s an interesting departure for Carey, whose recordings over the last 15 years or so have veered toward a more modern R&B sound. Here, the production is pure pop, and it sounds great.

USA Today: It’s that Stax/Motown throwback sound that makes #Beautiful such a winner. It’s a return to form for Carey, but in a completely unexpected way.

Pitchfork: “#Beautiful” has the finger-snapping R&B throwback charm that sounds primed for repeat play through the summer– long past its trending topic shelf life.

Original Version

Explicit Version

Spanglish Version (#Hermosa – Explicit)

Remix ft. Miguel & A$AP Rocky (Explicit)

Louie Vega Dance Remix

Sidney Samson Dance Remix

“#Beautiful” is available to buy in the following versions:

Clean version from – iTunes | Amazon MP3 | Google Play | 7 Digital | Blackberry World

Explicit version from – iTunes: http://smarturl.it/BeautifulE | Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/BeautifukAE

#Hermosa – Spanglish version from – iTunes | Amazon MP3 | Google Play

Remix ft A$ap Rocky (Explicit):iTunes: http://smarturl.it/UBeautiful | Google Play: http://goo.gl/lPGyV | Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/ASAPBeautiful

Remix ft Jeezy: iTunes | Amazon MP3 | Google Play

Meanwhile both original versions of the music video are now available from iTunes: [Clean Version] | [Explicit Version]

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